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How to judge the quality of microwave oven high voltage transformer

How to judge the quality of microwave oven high voltage transformer

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1.LookattheappearanceManytimesthemicrowaveovenhigh-voltagetransformercoilshortcircuitbetweentherunningsmokeorburningmarksbetweenthecoilsareobvious,atthistime,canbejudgedasabadtransformer. 2.Listentoso

1. Look at the appearance

Many times the microwave oven high-voltage transformer coil short circuit between the running smoke or burning marks between the coils are obvious, at this time, can be judged as a bad transformer.


2.Listen to sound

Short circuit between transformer coils, the sound will become very heavy, note that the magnetron and high voltage diodes will have this sound after damage, so, to determine the sound of the transformer must be to ensure that the magnetron and diode failure-free premise under.


3. Measurement method

The primary coil of the transformer is the most vulnerable place. A multimeter can be used to measure the resistance of the primary coil to ground. If there is a resistance, it can be determined that the transformer is bad.


4. Exclusion

In some cases, the above method can not determine whether the transformer is damaged, you can first measure the input of the transformer, 220V voltage is a high-voltage part failure, if there is no 220V voltage, you can check the low voltage line, transformer backend, magnetron and capacitor Diodes are generally well-determined. When it is determined that other components are OK, it can be concluded that the transformer is bad.

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